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Our Law Practice

Palay & Hefelfinger APC only represents employees. Our clients are hard-working Californians who have not been fairly compensated by their employers, and who have experienced violations of their rights.

We have obtained some of the largest per-person class action recoveries in California history in unpaid overtime cases.  The firm's founder, Daniel J. Palay, has a long history of fighting for employees’ rights.  He was named Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2007.

Palay & Hefelfinger represents California workers in all industries and professions.

The lawyers at Palay & Hefelfinger have experience handling matters in the following areas:

  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Failure to Pay All Wages at Termination
  • Unpaid Wages or Commissions
  • Unpaid Accrued Vacation
  • Unreimbursed Business Expenses
  • Unpaid Travel Time
  • Misclassification of Non-Exempt Employees
  • Misclassification as 1099 Independent Contractor
  • Unlawful Retaliation
  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Labor Commissioner Hearings
  • Court and Jury Trials
  • Class Actions and Class Arbitrations